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Welcome to Bicknell Online!

Thank you for stopping by. This is a personal site in every way. I designed and coded it myself, writing every bit of HTML, CSS and PHP (languages). I often call myself a geek. I cannot take credit for the graphics, however. My friend and long time business colleague Matt Wilbert does that at Draco Digital.

Should I be elected, I will maintain this site for the public to communicate with me and to help you with what's going on in the County.

Many people are asking why I am running for County Commissioner. First, I've been interested in this office since the days when John
Chester was Sheriff and Joe Saia was Commissioner. We used to go to the meetings and I was always facinated with the position.

Second, I want to help. I don't need this job, I want this job because we are facing a crisis with the budget. Things are difficult everywhere
right now, from the Federal Government, to the State and on down to the County and local towns. I do not want to see more come
out of the pockets of the people to make up for the shortage.

I believe there are cuts that can be made. Sometimes expenses get too bloated and the time comes to start “trimming the fat” so to speak.
This is where I come in. I would like to get expenses in order so we can get back to building our roads back up, looking for outside
business to come to Crawford County and move us forward into a strong future.

I believe we can get this done!

Please feel free to visit the links on this site. I always welcome your questions and comments!

© 2010 Mike Bicknell for Crawford County Commissioner
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